Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great new year and I wish you all the best for 2014. I have been pretty busy in 2013. I thought I should catch everyone up.

I started the year with a reality show titled, Does Someone Have to Go?" It was very interesting to see how a reality show runs against a narrative project. The roles of positions differ and we have a lot more cameras but the general theme is the same. Production working closely with the creatives to get them what they need to make their vision a reality.

I then went on to work on D-TEC, a web series for Samsung. The show would be exclusive to their Smart TVs coming out. I love working on new media projects because we get to play with a completely new platform. Specifically for D-TEC, we had a second screen platform that we had to create content on that would sync with the we series on TV. This project felt like a feature because we shot all the episodes at once totaling a 3 week shoot with 1 week of pickups.

Following, I worked on 3 more web series for Machinima that you may have heard of if you are in the video game world: Assassin's Creed, Dead Island and Half Life. The shorts are on youtube and a link is below.

The year was finished with 3 feature films that I am very fortunate to be a part of. One was a new media feature for online download only called CAMP TAKOTA. The 3 leads have a collective youtube following of 40 million so we made a movie to cater to those fans. The trailer is below. The next 2 films I worked on were for an amazing company called Snoot Entertainment. They are located in Venice and their passion for making great independent films is inspiring to me. I hope to be a part of many more projects with them in 2014.