palm springs international film festival 2012

I UPMd the trailer that runs before each screening at the Palm Springs Int. Film Festival 2012. We shot this in the middle of the desert behind a zoo in Palm Desert. Thanks Gina Leonard and Matt Stanley for the amazing opportunity! You will be seeing OJALA- AFI Thesis Film at PSIFF 2013. Click on the link below to watch the final trailer.

PSIIF 2012 Poster
small crew, big desert.
Team Photo. Thank you so much for everyone's help!

" Thought Ballune" Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Check out this music video I was UPM for that we shot in Boyle Heights a few months ago!.The vfx ended up working out so well; email me if you want to know what we did on the practical end to achieve the floating heads effect. Also, stay tuned for a music video I just wrapped involving heavy pyro work.

" Thought Ballune" Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone! I hope you have big plans for 2012. I have been working on my short, OJALA. We have reshoots coming up in January then off to picture lock. I've also picked up a few jobs. I'll be working at SYFY at NBC Universal and Mandate Pictures (50/50, Stranger than Fiction, Harold and Kumar Franchise, Juno). All those films are right up my ally so I am looking forward to that. SYFY will be cool to see how a network operates and just being a part of the NBC family sounds like a great opportunity. Stay tuned for a commercial I just finished production on as well as a 35MM short with lots of pyro. Take care!

In more news, check out what my stunt friends have been up to at URBAN FIST. interviews Katia Popov

Hello Everyone! For those of you who don't know, my mother is a very talented violinist who has quite the resume; she is the first female concertmaster of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, founded the California String Quartet, and has recorded over 600 motion picture scores for composers such as James Horner, Hans Zimmer and John Williams. Below is a link for an article by the on my mother who is such an inspiration and role model for me. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Katia Popov- concert violinist

Just Released! SPARK- Data Romance

Hey Everyone! The music video I line produced for Data Romance this summer shot in Vernon and Downtown LA area has finally been released. Thank you to the amazing cast and crew that made this video really badass! Shout to:
Lauren Graham (director), Matt Stanley (Producer), Bernard Evans (Cinematographer), Maile Cassara (Production Designer)

OJALA is Wrapped!


6 days of shooting, averaging 22 shots and 3 locations a day...we did it. I want to thank my amazing cast and crew for working so hard and under such difficult conditions. Without you this would not be possible and trust me, waking up at 3am every morning was worth it. Literally, we achieved everything we envisioned for this film. We got two picture vehicles, a standing set subway car, a ton of extras, a community swimming pool, an amazing location for Guatemala... all beautifully directed, production designed and shot. For everyone involved and interested in the final product here is a timeline breakdown:

December: Rough Cut & Trailer
January: Reshoots!
February: Picture Lock
March: Sound Design & Color Correction
April: Delivery

Home in Van Nuys
Zack (DIT) and Tara Tucker (best LP ever!)
Thank you CBS Radford!
$90k over water. Nobody move!
Thank you Westwood Aquatics Center for the amazing location
MTA really pulled through with this bus
Love the butterfly wall in Echo Park
Leny (scripty) and Ryan (director)
Chicken Bus!!
Amazing G&E and lighting crew
our beautiful talent: Natasha Perez and Edurne Ganem
Thank you cinema vehicles for having the only bus remotely close to a chicken bus!!


We had a great day yesterday. Our call time was at 5am in Malibu so our arrival was literally in pitch black (Thank you daylight savings!). Also, the geography of this place was so spread out that it really took a while for everyone to settle in for first shot. Location 2 was 1/4 of a mile from base camp, which was 3/4 of a mile away from location 1. But, it was the closest place we could find that looked like Guatemala so we rolled with it. Apparently the strongest walkies out there are the CP-200s unless you're the government and they completely failed on us. We had to have a human repeater standing in the middle of both locations relaying messages. This slowed everything down especially since there was no cellphone service of course. Hopefully on bigger budget projects I can get Rock Bottom to come out and set up repeaters for us...So the start was choppy but then when the sun came up and we had settled at location 2 it was smooth from there. We made our day and the footage looks amazing! Check out the photos. Note to self, try not to get honey wagons stuck under low hanging tree branches.


3 Days Out!

OJALA is almost ready for principle photography on Wednesday (11/09)! All of our locations are locked, our funds are in and our plan is looking good. My director feels good about our rehearsals. I am just glad the casting process is over...with a cast of 14 who all needed to be legal due to our studio's restrictions, it was hard to turn down amazing talent with O-1 visas. At this point I feel like everyone is happy and excited to see how this shoot will go.

I will say that I could not be more grateful to our friends, family and grantors who helped us raise $55,000! Of course, our film costs much more than that so we also appreciate generous donations such as 7 Pigs Productions who donated the ALEXA and AFI who donated our grip package.

I would also like to thank our amazing cast who has taken their time to support a script that the team really believes in. We are especially excited for our ANA played by Marisa Quintanilla, who just finished principle photography for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012).

If you haven't yet, please check out our promo video under my WORK page for more information on the project or visit our website at


Ojalá Bus Photos

Ojalá Bus Photos
Ojalá Bus Photos
Ojalá Bus Photos
Ojalá Bus Photos
Ojalá Bus Photos
Ojalá Bus Photos

Bobby Brackins - Lesbian